Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Third World vs. the Industrialized World and Global Warming

It is kind of ironic that Ethiopia, or even Africa in general are the one’s that could potentially suffer the most from the western world’s arrogance through the exploitation of fossil fuels. It is ironic because if you take into account the entire world, Africa has the lowest amount of green house gas emissions, yet they suffer the most. Because of widespread poverty and continent wide underdevelopment, Africa lacks the ability to acclimatize themselves to what is taking place in the Earth’s atmosphere. Without the ability to do something for themselves, Africa will continue to have their water sources dry up, their animals will continue to die, and the people will continue to experience famine because without water nothing will grow and the animals will have nothing to eat. The United States and other industrialized countries need to understand that the CO2 that they (we) are putting into the atmosphere has its way of circulating around the globe. The difference in this situation is that the industrialized countries have the ability and the technology to handle what is already out there and what may come. Industrialized countries should be trying to make improvements in the amount of CO2 they are pumping into the atmosphere, even if it is only in the interest of their own people. In doing so, they may not even realize it, but they will be helping people on the other side of the globe that are already suffering from the egotism of the industrialized world. Global climate change is very real, and this is a perfect illustration of how this is not just an issue concerning the United States, or China, or The United Kingdom, but it is affecting everyone, it is truly global.

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